Evolution of Get Lucky

There's no doubt that "Get Lucky" is burning up the dancefloor this summer along with "Blurred Lines" - both awesome tracks but I'm giving my love to "Get Lucky".

Check the link below - we have this guy who did a mash up of what "Get Lucky" would sound like if the song was dropped in each of the past decades from 1920-2020.

Decent mix, my vote's for the 70's - loving that track. It's funny because you could argue that "Get Lucky" comes from every era except ours (ha ha ha) because the sound is so different. I love it. Daft Punk is genuine to their roots; yet it's a new great track and hopefully I'm droppin' it like it's hot all summer long!

Original below:


Tricks to use on the unhappy kid/fiancee

Show's this video to your kids. If they're like mine they'll love it and quote it non-stop. Best part is when they're actually angry or upset about something, you toss out one of these lines and they either get even MORE mad or the frown turns the other way around. Either way it goes, nothing but upside for you!

My faves:

  1. Don't be no cloud on a sunny day
  2. You know what this room needs? ...A smile...
  3. Julia, turn the frown the other way around

If you don't have any kids, try this sucka on your fiancee when he's getting all grumpy about how you're blowing through your wedding budget - guaranteed success or I'll give you 5% off your next booking! Ha ha ha! No seriously. You know what this wedding budget needs?!?!? ...A SMILE!!!


You alright over there Steve?

This video has nothing to do with weddings, dj's or anything of the sort, but it is filled with a WHOLE lotta awesome! Ha ha ha!

You alright over there Steve?”


Bah ha ha ha!

Maybe Pepsi could get DJ Tiesto to pull off somthing like this at someone's wedding?!?!


Hide yo wife, Hide yo DJ, cause the Zombie Apocalypse gonna be up in here

Cancel the wedding, cancel the DJ, party's done - the Zombie Apocalypse is imminent!!! Fortunately we as Canadians will be protected from the impending Zombie invasion because our government has an International Zombie Strategy!!!

Ha ha ha! Don't worry, Harper's got your back! Let the wedding season commence Zombie free in 2013!!!


Say WHAAAA?!?!?!?!

So I'm out DJ'ing a happy and rocking wedding this past Saturday, it was about an hour or hour and a half in and things were actually going pretty well at this point. The crowd was digging Top 40, Oldies and Country. I'd sampled them all and great success, so naturally you keep doing what's working. At this point in time I'm throwing down some Top 40 right after some good ole Oldies. Dance floor is fairly packed and people are having a good time - except for one individual! I'm at my booth and we'll refer to this guy as the Drunken Sailor, conversation below:

Drunken Sailor: What's with this music?

Me: What do you mean? (In my head I'm thinking, look around - people are dancing and it's totally working)

Drunken Sailor: Well, you're not playing any modern stuff!!!

Me: What do you mean "modern stuff"? (I guess he was kind of right, I was playing something from 2011 - which people were happily dancing and reacting too. So I'm thinking "OK, I guess I'll play more Top 40 - today stuff)

Drunken Sailor: You know Modern STUFF!

Me: You want Pitbull, LMFAO, like what do you want?

Drunken Sailor: NO!!! None of this beaty $h!t, MODERN STUFF - you know AC/DC!!!

Me: .....(Stunned WTF look filled with a large pause)

Drunken Sailor: You know, play something people can dance to - like Johnny Cash!!

Me: .....(Stunned WTF look filled with a large pause)

Drunken Sailor: Never mind - you don't know what you're doing anyway!!!

Me: HA HA HA HA!!!

So awesome. I like Johnny Cash, he's got some great tunes, but they're not really dancey tunes - more like great background, sing along songs, but they're hardly fill the dance floor type songs - even at a Country wedding. I've seen peeps fill the floor for Jackson, but they were in a circle singing it to each other - so pretty different. But hey what do I know? I don't know what I'm doing anyway! Ha ha ha!

As the night wore on, peeps weren't really reacting to Country or at least less than they were at the start and Top 40 and Oldies were filling the floor, so that's where I kept going. Best part was anytime I played some "beaty $h!t" he'd look at me and give me the finger - BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It got to the point where I'd look at him when I dropped a new track and give him the "how do you like me now?" look, to which he'd promptly raise a finger to the air - ha ha ha - so much fun being a DJ!!! Keep in mind, the crowd was reacting to what I was playing and the floor was panning out just as it should. If it was empty, yeah dude's got me, but it certainly wasn't the case!


Best Songs of 2012

Happy New Year! 2013's going to be a great year - really looking forward to it. But let's take a quick moment to dwell on the past and reflect upon the awesome videos/songs that 2012 gave us:

1) No doubt this was the most popular song of the year, it lighted up Junior High Dances, ignited EVERY wedding dance from Waterton to Calgary to Banff on fire, and took corporate parties to a new level of awkwardness with your fellow employees!!! None other than Psy - Gangnam Style

2) This song never really took off, Flo Rida - Let It Roll (I like it) but HOLY FREAKIN COW is the video AMAZING!!! Ha ha ha! Dude's got some serious dance moves!!! Anyway, defo on my top 3 for videos. C'mon baybee let the good times roll!

3) If you're English and you heard this song then I'm totally impressed. I only checked it out cause the lyrics were hillario. Don't understand it - hook it up with a Frenchy and they'll give you the low down. Great song, hillario video. Unfortunately I don't think I even dropped this song once :( . I thought Canada was bilingual?!?!? Ha ha. Pitty, it's got a great beat. Je vous present C'est Michel - Michel

Got something you think should be on the list? Shoot me an e-mail! Catch you in 2013!


It's Thanksgiving - Rebecca Black 2.0

Check the video below - It's one of those songs where you're not sure if it's terrible by accident or on purpose... Ha ha ha!

If this is where the music industry is going - I'M OUT!!!

At least "Friday" had entertainment value, this - I don't even know what to say...If you can keep watching until 1:45, entertainment value does escalate and finally peaks at 2:21. I'm not sure who that dude is, but he cleary isn't getting paid enough.


Romney vs Obama

If you're American and you still don't know who to vote for, here's an endorsement you can't ignore!


Curves Zumbathon for Breast Cancer - this saturday!!!


Hey it's time to get your Zumba on for a good cause this Saturday with all proceeds being donated to Breast Cancer. We'll be there dropping the tunes and helping you get your Zumba on! Details below.


Curves Zumbathon for Breast Cancer


Saturday, September 29th, 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm


Sunridge Curves parking lot, 2555 32 Street NE


Door prizes, popcorn, water, and some killer beats will be provided


YOU! AND the talented and certified Zumba instructors, Alita Loewer and Nicole Melchin, with Get the Party Started dropping the beats!!!


Donation at the door


Good beats - check. Awesome Zumba intructors - check. Good cause - check. Door prizes - Quadruple check! Get your booty out there for a good cause while doing a little "wiggle, wiggle, wiggle wiggle, wiggle - YEAH!!!

Sexy and I know it - Korean Styles

I was DJ'ing a wedding this past weekend and this song was requested by the Groom - full on AWESOME! The video is even better than the song - ha ha ha. So dropped this song at a primarily Asian wedding and they were going nuts; but let me tell you, the whitey's were ALL OVER it too! Need to drop it this weekend! Ha ha ha!

The part in the hot tub - hillario - ha ha ha! Love the scene in the horse stable doing the cowboy dance - ha ha ha! Seriously love this song!


Two rules of being a wedding DJ

Aspiring DJ's out there, this is for you - the two rules of being a Wedding DJ:

1. Do whatever the bride tells you to do

2. Never forget rule number 1

I'm stealing a page out of Warren Buffet's rule's of investing, but the same logic applies. ALWAYS do what the Bride wants - done, that's it - thats all, period.

I've never really had a problem with communication with a bride, but I should probably load up a Manslater just in case...

My favourite line is @ 1:55 "could you rub my shoulders a little bit". Ha ha ha! Super funny - been there, experienced that! Ha ha ha! Forget weddings, I need one of these for home!


The Ex...

This is a marriage website so let's focus on that - but seriously, I don't know if you've ever had this happen to you, but holy crap this captured one of my experiences with an ex EXTREMELY well! Ha ha ha!

Granted she wasn't as crazy, but damn, am I ever happy with my wifey - love ya babe!


Sesame Street taking ova?!?!?!

Wedding season is here, the temps are rockin', and it's Stampede - YEEEHAAAWWWWW!!! Life is good... Just when you think it can't get any better, Sesame Street goes Top 40 with Cookie Monster = Pure Awesomeness!!!

"You cookie showing, and me hunger growing, let's get skim milk flowing, we'll start this snack going baybee!!!". Ha ha ha - props to the writers - hillario!

If you liked that one, you'll defo like this one!

"tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle - YEAH" - ha ha ha - Sesame Street taking ova!!!


Re:Sound Fees?!?! Aint nobody got time for that!

So you just crafted out your wedding budget, booked your venue and everything is looking good. Sign a contract with your DJ (with Get the Party Started of course) then you get this bill from your venue with a SOCAN fee of $61 that allows you to play music at your wedding. OK fine, so you pay it. NOW there's going to be another fee that you're going to have to pay - compliments of Re:Sound, who represents all those who own royalties on the music (isn't that what the SOCAN fee is all about?!?!!?). Right now it's up to the venue to decide whether they eat the cost or pass it on to you, but I'm pretty sure I know who's going to pay for it... Anyway the cost breakdown looks like this :

$9.25 per day if fewer than 100 people are present and goes up to $39.33 for crowds of more than 500 people. Here's the kicker - if there's dancing (cause I mean honestly - WHO dances at a wedding anyway?!?!?) the fees DOUBLE!!! Awesome.

Stealing music via piracy etc = not cool. So assuming your DJ is using legit music that he/she has paid for (and no it's not iTunes $.99 cents per song) that has commercial rights associated with it (Music Tax #1), then your DJ gets licensed with AVLA to play music (Music Tax #2), then you load up your SOCAN fee for the right to play music at your wedding (Music Tax #3), now you have to pay Re:Sound (Music Tax #4) oh and in case you were going to dance at your wedding, that fee doubles!!! Awesome. Can you imagine if the NDP was in charge?!?!? You'd have to pay a tax for each person that dances on the dance floor! Ridic!

I feel for you brides; tax, tax, tax. I don't want this to be all doom and gloom, so check this vid. Sweet Brown said it best "Re:Sound fees?!?!? Aint nobody got time for that!!!"

Ha ha ha - makes me laugh every time I watch it...

If you're looking for more info on Re:Sound, check this article by the Calgary Herald.


"Ummmm do you take requests?!?!?"

"Ummmm do you take requests?!?!?" - I swear I hear this every gig. Why? I don't know. OF COURSE I take requests! You're the customer, you're always right, so YES, I take requests!! Granted it might not get played exactly when you want because I'm trying to keep people dancing, have good flow and most of all - do whatever the hell the bride wants! Ha ha ha! But you get the point. It seems fairly basic to me that I'm just some douchebag DJ and I'm trying to make you the client (and your guests) happy. In order to do that, you work the crowd, play requests, do what's working and avoid what's not. Pretty simple! Funny part is most DJ's seem to ignore these simple facts. It's not rocket science, but when you play to the crowd, things tend to work out great!

Love that shot up top - so wicked! Ha ha ha! Keep those requests coming!


Things you may want to avoid saying to your DJ

I had a truly bizarre experience while DJ’ing a wedding two weekend’s ago and it got me thinking about all the weird/funny things peeps do to get you to play a song. So in no particular order here are 5 things that you shouldn’t tell me/do when I’m your DJ:

  1. “Can you play this Pearl Jam song… I conceived to this song” (I literally threw up in my mouth). Definitely the first time I’ve ever heard that and I seriously don’t want to hear that again. This girl was fairly overweight and the mental images still have me scarred...
  2. Play this motherf@&#%n’ song you f@&#!$n piece of $h!t. I don’t who care who you are - once you start disrespecting me, I officially tuned out and am definitely NOT playing your song. I’ve only experienced this twice and both times I’ve cut the people off and called them on it. Pointing out that all they have to do is politely ask for their song or write it on the list and you’re good. But to come up and disrespect me – how is that going to strengthen your case?!?!
  3. “If you play this song I’ll give you a BJ”. While it’s appreciated that you want to reciprocate the favor, I’m married, have kids, yeah not happening. Asking for a song and flirty smile is defo the better way to go!
  4. Coming up, requesting a song, then adamantly proclaim that you’re not leaving the DJ booth until you play their song. The occasional person institutes this curious move and are unaware that you’re actually trying to run a program with flow as opposed to some choppy mix of eclectic songs. It’s like a little kid at the dinner table refusing to eat his vegetables – give it up little man, you’re gonna lose the fight!
  5. After you request a song and it hasn’t been played within the past 8 mins, you go and escort the bride up to the DJ booth to complain that “he’s not playing your request”. Insert roll eyes here. I’ll play your request, just give me time to gett’r done. Granted this strategy does work cause if the bride asks for it, I’m going to do whatever she wants – she’s the boss, paying the bill – DONE!

Keep it real, be a normal person to your DJ and things will go a’ight!


Superbowl Commercials

As always, there were some gooders out there but this was defo my fave!

Check out the wiggle - ha ha ha! So wicked!


Hold your DJ Accountable - it's your wedding afterall...

So things have been nuts over the past 3 weeks and check this, I've had 2 different people call about a last minute booking because their DJ cancelled on them. Brutal. Common denominator on both of these calls is that they didn't sign a contract with their DJ. Convo goes something like this:

Caller : I'm looking for a DJ for my wedding this Saturday

Me : Like this, this Saturday?!?!?! (Keep in mind it's Wednesday)

Caller : Yeah my DJ cancelled

Me : (after stunned silence) Well that sucks, but we'd love to help you out!

The first thing that comes into my head and what I really want to say "Who's the Douchebag DJ!??!?!". Yeah I understand you wanted to save some money, book a DJ off of Kijiji, etc. That's fine. But SIGN A CONTRACT!!! How and why should the onus be on you - the client - to find a DJ on a Wednesday for Saturday, when you have done everything right up to this point?!?! Hold these douchebag's accountable!!!

Not really much more to say than that.

Check out this clip - full on brilliant! Totally goes along with the theme of this post, but the video below is actually funny! Ha ha!



DJ'ing, shoutout's and thanks for such a great year!!!

2011 is done and bring on 2012!!! Probably late for a New Year's post but whateve, here it is. From a DJ standpoint, 2011 was bumping; great songs, great parties and we were able to party it up with a record number of you last year! So either we're building the business the right way, or we're scamming more peeps compliments of the internets! Ha ha! It better be the first one! Ha ha ha! Thanks for using us in 2011 and we hope to see you around in the future!

I honestly think that DJ'ing isn't rocket science. If you're able to read what the crowd is telling you, work the requests, and use your knowledge of your song library - parties tend to go really well. So here's a shoutout to all the Party Rockers out there and what was in my opinion the most popular song of the year (well it was either this or Party Rock Anthem). Not only that, but this video is wickedly awesome!!! 


Happy New Year from your friendly neighbourhood DJ!

Happy New Year Peeps! How amazing is the weather right now? I mean seriously it was 15 C yesterday in JANUARY in CALGARY!!! Temps in Calgary were warmer than parts of Florida yesterday - ha ha ha - so wicked. Crazy thing is I've heard people complaining because there's no snow. Like really?!?!? Don't worry complainers, Old Man Winter will be here shortly...

Check the video below. Simply stunning. You seriously forget how beautiful the province is. We are truly blessed to live here and call Alberta home...

Happy New Year from your friendly neighbourhood DJ!