"Ummmm do you take requests?!?!?"
Tuesday, May 1, 2012 at 2:19PM

"Ummmm do you take requests?!?!?" - I swear I hear this every gig. Why? I don't know. OF COURSE I take requests! You're the customer, you're always right, so YES, I take requests!! Granted it might not get played exactly when you want because I'm trying to keep people dancing, have good flow and most of all - do whatever the hell the bride wants! Ha ha ha! But you get the point. It seems fairly basic to me that I'm just some douchebag DJ and I'm trying to make you the client (and your guests) happy. In order to do that, you work the crowd, play requests, do what's working and avoid what's not. Pretty simple! Funny part is most DJ's seem to ignore these simple facts. It's not rocket science, but when you play to the crowd, things tend to work out great!

Love that shot up top - so wicked! Ha ha ha! Keep those requests coming!

Article originally appeared on Calgary Wedding DJs (http://www.getthepartystarted.ca/).
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