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Play the new Santana Song - DJ Stories

So I was DJ’ing a wedding and this lady who was massively drunk comes up to me and says “Play the new Santana song!!!”. I nod my head, start typing said song into the database to see what I can find. Crickets – there’s like nothing aside from a song I’ve never heard of back in 2005 and since it’s 2015 that CAN’T be the song she’s talking about. I keep looking – nadda. Hit up Google/Youtube – nadda. I begin to tell my new friend that “uhhhmmmm yeah, can’t find anything new on Santana”. Her retort “ You don’t know anything about music – you’re a terrible DJ!!!”. I give her the look of – respectfully disagree and then say “but honestly Santana hasn’t cranked out anything in forever”. Then she goes on this tirade about how popular this song is right now, it’s the bee’s knees, all the kids are listening to it, BEST song ever written etc – you get the gist. She starts going into the details of the song and finally I interrupt her and ask – “Wait a second, are you talking about Smooth - the song that he collaborated with Rob Thomas on?!?!”. Ding! Ding! Ding! Lightbulb. She replies “YES that’s the ONE!!!”. I reply “Oh right the NEW Santana song!!!” (Hillario because this song was released in 1999). Oh you know, nothing big, just 16 yrs ago…I wonder if she’s heard the new song from the Beattles?!?!?