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Using the DJ as the MC of your wedding

Every now and then I'll have a couple that is interested in having us be the MC at their wedding instead of using a family member or friend. The idea being that they want it less formal and don't want to put anyone out. Ok I get it. But, before you do something like having someone you don't really know MC what could possibly be the most expensive and important night of your life - I'd tend to go with someone you trust! Ha ha! Not that we're going to kill your program, but get someone you know to run things. It just has so much more of a better feel to a reception when someone who knows you or the family is conducting things and at a minimum will not butcher every name in your bridal party. Jokes go over better, MC's tend to rise to the occasion and add some much needed flair to the program by highlighting stories of the couple or people in attendance.

If you want us to MC your wedding - we'll do it and it'll be ok, but who wants ok?!??! Use someone you know and make it awesome!

Use your DJ and there's a possablity he'll skewer every last name and offend everyone in attendance or prvide amazing comedic relief - kinda like the clip below!

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