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DJ Guide - how to get out of Country and back to pop

Hey if you're looking for an album to download - I'd recommend Avicii's True - solid album. Pretty sure you've heard "Wake Me Up" which is an awesome track and definitely in my top 5 songs of the year. Love the vibe of the song and more importantly, I can transition from country back to club/top 40 with "Wake Me Up".  The real loser here is "Cotton Eyed Joe". Used to be the stalwart in getting out of Country and back to Pop, but Avicii's taken over that spot now! To add insult to injury, Cotton Eyed Joe will be even further depressed by yet another country inspired song (which I almost like even more than Wake Me Up) is "Hey Brother".

If you don't like that one, fair enough - it has super strong country roots, but you gotta like this one - non?

If you're somewhat luke warm on this song, toss it up on some big speakers (anything but earbuds or lappy speakers) with some subs, it'll change your mind - sounds great! It's kinda like "Teach Me How to Dougie" - sounds ok to good on regular speakers, but once you introduce legitimate subs to the equation, it's like adding kung pao to your chicken - BAM!

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